Sifting Through the Crazy

Placing short stories is a bit of a pain. The market is simultaneously overwhelming and disappointing. On one hand, there seems to be countless magazines, ezines, literary blogs, etc. On the other, nothing quite matches up with what I write. Then you’ve got a choice among paid markets and unpaid. Cents per word or flat […]

New Layout

Welcome to my redesigned blog! Simpler, cleaner, easier to navigate (I hope). I think it will be especially friendly to mobile types. I may still be tweaking it here and there over the next few days, so don’t mind the mess. Like it? It’s okay? Loathe it? Don’t give a shit? Let me know in […]

Call for Crit Partners!

I’m in need of a few people who would be willing to swap short stories for critiquing. I mainly write fantasy/magical realism/horror-type stories. Most of them have a dark element to them and don’t have a super happy ending. No rainbows and lollipops here. I’m willing to read pretty much any genre, however, so it […]

One Day at a Time

READ TIME: 30 SEC Coming back. I wonder where I’ve been, What took so long. I can’t remember; The haze consumes. What I did, I can never undo. What I lost can never be returned. Leaving was easy; Returning is the hard part. I am alone in my shame. They stand united in their suffering. It’s […]

Move That Ass!

Writers tend to hole themselves up in their room/writing space, under a blanket, in the dark chasm of the basement. (That’s a bad day, when you feel like crying. You know, when you have to edit and you think everything you’ve ever written is complete and utter bullshit.) We don’t get out, don’t move, really. […]