Hindered Souls Release

Hey everyone! Looking for something to read this Halloween? (Or just looking for a different sort of the horror show than the VP debate tonight?) Don’t want to make the commitment to a massive King novel? Check out Hindered Souls, a collection of short stories. AND…one of them is by yours truly! It’s three bucks. Get […]

One Day at a Time

READ TIME: 30 SEC Coming back. I wonder where I’ve been, What took so long. I can’t remember; The haze consumes. What I did, I can never undo. What I lost can never be returned. Leaving was easy; Returning is the hard part. I am alone in my shame. They stand united in their suffering. It’s […]


READ TIME: 2 MIN This short piece was spawned by a prompt featured in The Write-Brain Workbook, a book of prompts and creative writing exercises that I highly recommend.  Painted toenails have always reminded me of my daughter. She could never go without a splash of color on those little piggies. When she was young, she’d […]

The Flag

READ TIME: 5 MIN A quickly written short ghost story in honor of Veterans Day.  The rust-colored blanket of leaves crunched with each hurried step through the cemetery. Dusk was settling in fast, a hazy coldness creeping in. I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket and checked the time. Damn. I was going […]

The Nature of Happiness

READ TIME: 1 MIN     “It’s a terrible thing to want to be happy. When happiness is all you’ve ever wished for on every shooting star, every wisp of smoke floating up from spent birthday candles. All that want and hope thrown up to the cosmos and happiness still manages to elude. You wonder […]