Hindered Souls Release

Hey everyone! Looking for something to read this Halloween? (Or just looking for a different sort of the horror show than the VP debate tonight?) Don’t want to make the commitment to a massive King novel? Check out Hindered Souls, a collection of short stories. AND…one of them is by yours truly! It’s three bucks. Get […]

The Crow of Nine-World

READ TIME: 10 MIN A prompt from Chuck Wendig’s blog. He gave ten random titles and a 2,000-word limit. I had a lot of fun with this, and there may be a continuation at some point. Happy reading! My shop door swings open with the tinkle of a bell. I jump up from my desk […]

One Day at a Time

READ TIME: 30 SEC Coming back. I wonder where I’ve been, What took so long. I can’t remember; The haze consumes. What I did, I can never undo. What I lost can never be returned. Leaving was easy; Returning is the hard part. I am alone in my shame. They stand united in their suffering. It’s […]


READ TIME: 2 MIN This short piece was spawned by a prompt featured in The Write-Brain Workbook, a book of prompts and creative writing exercises that I highly recommend.  Painted toenails have always reminded me of my daughter. She could never go without a splash of color on those little piggies. When she was young, she’d […]

The Flag

READ TIME: 5 MIN A quickly written short ghost story in honor of Veterans Day.  The rust-colored blanket of leaves crunched with each hurried step through the cemetery. Dusk was settling in fast, a hazy coldness creeping in. I pulled my phone out of my jacket pocket and checked the time. Damn. I was going […]