I’m Judging a Contest (and you should enter)

I’m judging a writing contest for the second time for The Write Practice. They’re teaming up with Short Fiction Break to give out $3,000+ in prizes and everyone who enters gets published. You read that right. EVERYONE GETS PUBLISHED! It’s open to fiction or narrative nonfiction, 1500 words max. There’s a theme.¬†You have the option […]

Hindered Souls Release

Hey everyone! Looking for something to read this Halloween? (Or just looking for a different sort of the horror show than the¬†VP debate tonight?) Don’t want to make the commitment to a massive King novel? Check out Hindered Souls, a collection of short stories. AND…one of them is by yours truly! It’s three bucks. Get […]

Sifting Through the Crazy

Placing short stories is a bit of a pain. The market is simultaneously overwhelming and disappointing. On one hand, there seems to be countless magazines, ezines, literary blogs, etc. On the other, nothing quite matches up with what I write. Then you’ve got a choice among paid markets and unpaid. Cents per word or flat […]