Book Review: The Little Paris Bookshop, by Nina George

5/5 Stars

Sometimes you just need something that uplifts the spirit.

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This weekend I decided to take a break from my normal reading list of horror/fantasy/thriller-type stuff and branch out a bit. The Little Paris Bookshop caught my eye while roaming the library. I’d never heard of it or the Nina George before, but I picked it up anyway. And I couldn’t be happier with my decision.

Perdu is a bookseller with a long standing broken heart. He runs the Literary Apothecary, a floating book barge in Paris, and doles out books as ‘medicine’ to his customers. (He has a talent for choosing just the right text for their needs.) He’s a loner and prefers it that way.

Enter a new woman across the hall and he’s flung into a soul searching adventure. He’s got to move on from his lost love, but he doesn’t yet know how. He sets off (without putting any thought into the decision) down the river with a rather shy young author and two cats.

To me, this story was about the human love affair with the written word just as much as it was about Perdu’s love life (and the love lives of everyone he comes in contact with). George’s prose was gorgeous, and I don’t believe there was any spot where I felt the story lagged. George takes a trip through grief, the meaning of love, the deep need for connection, and the necessity of a good book. Add that to the lovely French countryside, and I almost booked a plane ticket.

This isn’t an action packed thriller or an adventure story, but the pages turn like it is. Highly recommended for an uplifting read. Hell, just read it for the quotes!




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