Call for Crit Partners!

I’m in need of a few people who would be willing to swap short stories for critiquing. I mainly write fantasy/magical realism/horror-type stories. Most of them have a dark element to them and don’t have a super happy ending. No rainbows and lollipops here. I’m willing to read pretty much any genre, however, so it doesn’t matter what type of stories you write. If you’re interested, drop me a message on here (under the SAY HELLO menu).

If we mesh, I would be willing to swap novels as well. If you have a novel and want to see what kind of feedback I’ll provide, send me the first ten pages.

I tend to get things back to people within a week (barring any severe real life drama, and depending on length), and would appreciate the same turnover time in any partners I have. I provide comments on content, style, word choice, grammar, typos, etc. Anything that pops into my head, really.

If you’re not a writer, but want to critique for me, I’d entertain that as well (and would be enormously appreciative). If this is the case, send me a message with the types of stories you like to read and I’ll see if I’ve got anything that might interest you.



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