App Review: Writeometer

A writing productivity app. Find it HERE.

I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I just discovered this app a few days ago, and let me tell ya, I love it.

I’ve spent quite a while trying to find an app or a program or even a note taking tool that would help me be more productive and organized with my writing. I’ve tried a million of them, and have uninstalled or just plain forgotten about them not long after downloading. I just figured tech wasn’t for me. And then I found this handy little app and gave it a go.

Those of you that have been following me for a while probably know that I struggle with procrastination. Hell, that’s what was happening when I found Writeometer. I’ve been working on the same book for almost three years. (In my defense, it was a full book to begin with. Then it was a planned trilogy. Now it’s one book split into three parts.) I want to be done with the thing already! So I put myself on deadline. A kind of NaNoWriMo-type situation. Finish by the end of November, even if it kills me. I’m happy to report that I’ve only got a few more chapters to go as of this writing, (I’m hoping it’s actually done by the time this posts) and most of that is due to this app.

Let’s start with the basics. It’s a word count app at its core. You set up overall word count goals, a deadline, a daily word count to hit. You can set up different projects and log your progress on each of them. There’s a timer that keeps you on track and will reward you when you’re done. As in guavas. Which you spend on rewards of your choosing. (Cookie, anyone? Or beer. Whatever your lifestyle allows.) You can set daily reminders to start writing, which has been a godsend for me, as it guilt trips me into churning something out, even if I don’t feel like it.

There’s your basic word count app, really, with the little cutesy guavas as an extra. But, wait, there’s more!

There are reports, averaging your daily word count, monthly, etc. A writing log that lets you look at nice little charts showing your overall progress toward your goal as well as your daily progress. This part makes me very happy. Who doesn’t like seeing their progress in a chart?

There’s a toolbox, which has a word-of-the-day (yay!), a thesaurus, a dictionary, and word salad (nice word cloud that you can use for inspiration or to expand your vocabulary-tap a word if you don’t know it and it takes you to the definition).

If you try to sScreenshot_2015-11-25-12-43-05 (1)top the timer, it asks you if it’s really important. If you say yes, it pops up again with a random motivational quote, where you choose from two snarky options like FAIL or KEEP WRITING. Is that not the most guilt-trippy thing you’ve ever heard of? I love it!

Oh! And one of the things I thought was useless at first, but I actually really like. On each writing log, you have how many words you’ve written for the day/session and then a little area at the bottom that asks, How was writing today? You type up whatever you feel like. You could give detailed descriptions of the weather or the state of your hygiene if you wanted, but I like to keep it to how frustrated /proud I was, or what character refused to play ball, etc. Makes for a neat little writing diary that’s more fun than you would think.

Did I miss anything? I don’t think so, but there’s so much going on with this app, it’s hard to tell. And did I mention it’s free? Yep. Free.

Happy writing!



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