The Nature of Happiness


©Ian Iott/Flickr
©Ian Iott/Flickr



“It’s a terrible thing to want to be happy. When happiness is all you’ve ever wished for on every shooting star, every wisp of smoke floating up from spent birthday candles. All that want and hope thrown up to the cosmos and happiness still manages to elude. You wonder if something’s wrong with you. Are you incapable of being happy? Is there some deep-seeded, evil thought niggling at the back of your mind, saying you don’t deserve it? You really start to wonder.”

Pause. A drag off a cigarette. Breathe in, exhale.

“Or maybe it’s just that we’ve all been fed some bullshit line about happiness, seen so many couples on TV who claim their partner makes them unbelievably happy. Soul mates, other halves, all that garbage. Maybe what they really mean is that they’re content.”

He asks: “Is there something wrong with being content?”

“Maybe not. But maybe contentment is just another word for apathy. I’m looking for more. I want actual happiness. I want it all.”

“And you think I would make you happy?”

A sad smile. “No.”



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