I’m Resurfacing!

I put myself on deadline recently (hence the lack of posts). I recommend it for anyone who has trouble with procrastination. I even compounded it by promising my mother that she could read what I’d written. Nothing like the threat of disappointing your mommy to light a fire under your butt!

So, as a result of my self-imposed crackdown, the revision is finally done on my book. I still don’t have a title, but that’s okay since I’m planning on it being the first in a trilogy. I’ll get the second one done (at least) and then give my baby a name. It’s okay to call it Baby Book for a while, right?

Now I’m once again in the research phase. Here’s my current pile of reading material to sift through. I’ve already been through another, albeit somewhat smaller, stack this week. I’m putting my local librarians to work! And I’m pretty sure they think I’m a weirdo, as my requested titles are about death, heaven/hell, bipolar disorder, and psychics, to name a few. And mythology. Lots of mythology.


My research and writing materials are now taking up the majority of my living room. And my husband’s toes are suffering as he tries to navigate in the dark when he gets up before dawn. Thankfully, he loves me and is patient, otherwise I’m pretty sure he would’ve kicked me out after the second busted toe 😉



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