Need a Pen Name Idea?

Try this. I got Stephen Gaskill.

If you didn’t already know, women often times write under male pen names. This was quite common in the eighteen hundreds, since women authors were taken less seriously than men. Now, it’s not as bad, but if you read the little article that goes with this, you’ll notice that some publications review three times more male authors than women. It’s ridiculous that this day in age women still feel like they have to write under a man’s name to get attention. And I’m definitely not blaming the women for this. Society has beat into our brains that a crime novel (or anything considered ‘manly’) is better written by men. If this is your opinion, you’re going to skim over the female names in the crime section of the bookstore. Hence the need for women to contribute to the genre under a man’s name. You can’t sell books if no one will buy them based on stereotype.

It’s still fun to see what pen name the generator comes up with, though 🙂



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