Queries About Queries

While I’m (im)patiently waiting for my betas to be done with my draft, I’ve been working on a query. If you’ve ever written one, you know the difficulties I’m going through. Trying to come up with a good ‘hook’ and summarizing your entire book in an interesting and unforgettable way is torture.

So, obviously, I Google successful query letters. And Google some more. And read a million of them. (Some of this is research in the name of procrastination.)

In an effort to save you some time, here’s what I’ve discovered: It all depends on the agent’s taste! They say this upfront, but none of us listen. Instead we spend hours looking for something, some magic element that must be included and will guarantee us representation. Not so. All the successful ones I’ve read are different. They can be short or long, written from the character’s POV or not, start with the hook or start with the word count.

In keeping with my short Friday posts, I’ll leave you with this video. It’s not by an agent, but I think she does a pretty good job summarizing everything you should and shouldn’t do when querying. The only thing I would say is – again – the style of writing and format of the letter can vary and doesn’t have to be exactly like she says it should be. For example, I’ve seen queries that start with the synopsis, not the word count and title. But she does mention everything you need to have in the letter and what you need to do before you start sending them out.




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