Ornate Shrugging

Do you ever get a word stuck in your head and can’t seem to eliminate it from your writing?

I do it all the time. One day I’ll really like the word shrugged and my characters run around all over the place, shrugging away. It’s borderline compulsion for them. Sometimes it’s an adjective, like the word ornate, which was on ever other page of a book I recently read. Everything was ornate. Ornate chair, ornate fireplace, ornate ornate-ness. It was highly distracting. But I couldn’t be too upset with the author (although the editor should be chastised for his/her love of all things ornate), because I know how it goes. When you’re writing, sometimes you don’t realize that you’ve used the same word a million times in one chapter. It’s not until the editing process when you go ‘WTF was I thinking?’ Then you roll your eyes and berate yourself, call yourself names, think you’re an amateur who doesn’t deserve to put pen to paper again (fingertips to keyboard, whatever).

It’s a shame Word doesn’t analyze your writing and bring up a bubble that says ‘Get out a thesaurus’ every time you overuse a word. That would be really useful.

That’s all for today. I’ve got a severe shrugging problem to fix.



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