Editing Blues Update

As many of you already know, I’m currently editing my latest book, and I hate it. Editing, not the book. Well, I don’t hate the book today, anyway.

Last week I hit a wall in the editing process and just could not focus. You’ll be happy to know (will you?) that I’ve broken though the wall as of late yesterday afternoon, and have added about 1500 words to my manuscript. (I’m not sure if I told you before, but I’m a bare bones writer for the first draft, then I go back through and line edit and flesh it out at the same time.) And I’m only a third of the way through it, so I’m feeling pretty good about its prospects.

I’m still missing a title, so you’re getting this shoved down your throat again 😉 I’ve only had 3 votes! And they’re not for the same title, unfortunately.

I don’t have an official description of said book yet, as I’m still editing, and who knows where it will end up. But I’ll give you the highlights: Tilly dies and goes to Limbo, where everyone works. Tilly is a bit of a misfit, and gets shuffled through several jobs (Ghost, Possessor, etc.) before she lands one escorting souls to Hell. Not a pleasant job at all. She goes about her work, until one day she realizes a living little girl can see her. With the help of her friends, Naveen and Luke, she tries to figure out why the little girl can see her, and discovers a prophecy about herself while uncovering ancient secrets about gods and other things she thought were myths.


4 thoughts on “Editing Blues Update

  1. I write in the same way–very thin and then I plump it up later. I usually love to revise, though. It can sometimes be so much easier than coming up with that first draft. I voted for a title, but it’s hard to say without knowing your story. A few of the choices seem a little familiar (the three that begin with ‘the’). Good luck!


    1. I wish I loved to revise! Lucky you! For me, I think I get frustrated with what I don’t already have down, and all the work it’s going to take to get it there. Normally I get over it in a few days. Thanks for commenting and for the vote 🙂 I’ve actually got a little summary on here somewhere…I’ll see if I can find it and link to this post 🙂


  2. I voted… and apparently my vote is winning. 🙂 Oh, and the number one rule of editing is…. wait for it… DON’T EDIT YOUR OWN STUFF. That’s what you have a sister for.



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