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The daily prompt today is about dreams, but I’m having trouble thinking of any I would like to share on here (or that I can, wink, wink). So, in the interest of shameless self-promotion, I’ve decided to publish an excerpt from my new book.

I don’t have an official description of said book yet, as I’m still editing, and who knows where it will end up. But I’ll give you the highlights: Tilly dies and goes to Limbo, where everyone works. Tilly is a bit of a misfit, and gets shuffled through several jobs (Ghost, Possessor, etc.) before she lands one escorting souls to Hell. Not a pleasant job at all. She goes about her work, until one day she realizes a living little girl can see her. With the help of her friends, Naveen and Luke, she tries to figure out why the little girl can see her, and discovers a prophecy about herself while uncovering ancient secrets about gods and other things she thought were myths.

This excerpt is a dream Tilly has. To put it in context, she can’t remember much of her life, and this is after a few memories have come back. It’s sort of a memory-dream that’s been hacked by the little girl. Enjoy 🙂

Then she lay down and went to sleep.

Tilly was nineteen, it was spring, almost summer, and she was coming home from college for the first time. She’d skipped coming home for the holiday breaks, opting to go to friends’ houses or abroad instead. She couldn’t stand being home anymore. Not with the bimbo. Not with the new baby.

She stood on the doorstep, looking in through the side window. Her father sat on the floor with the baby, who was now old enough to be taking his first wobbly steps. This shocked Tilly a bit. She’d only seen the kid once: a picture of him as a newborn. Posted on Facebook. Her dad apparently couldn’t be bothered to send her one. Then again, she couldn’t be bothered to come see him, so she supposed they were even.

She watched her dad play with the baby for several minutes. Then the bimbo came in with a plate of something. They laughed together, her dad and that woman, and made faces at the baby.

A happy little family, Tilly thought. How disgustingly inappropriate. 

She stormed through the door and went straight to her room. The baby started crying at the sudden noise.

“Tilly?” her dad called after her. She heard his shoes thumping on the wooden stairs as he followed her up.

She had stopped in shock in the doorway of her room, dropping her luggage in a heap beside her. The room, once a deep purple, had been repainted a pale light blue, with framed pictures of giraffes and elephants hanging on the walls. Stuffed toys, a playpen, and a crib took up most of the space. A small rollaway bed had been set up in the corner.

“Matilda Jean,” her dad scolded from behind, “you scared the living hell out of us. Ever heard of knocking?”

She turned to him. He was smiling, obviously pleased to see her, not at all serious about the knocking. He looked good. He’d lost weight, and his face had a few new smile wrinkles on it. He was happy. Happier than he’d ever been when she was a child. Happier than he’d ever been with her mom.

It disgusted her. Rage boiled up inside. “What have you done with my stuff?” she said through gritted teeth.

Her dad just kept smiling. “You went away, Tilly. We had to move on.”

“I was at college! I didn’t move out!”

“You went away,” he repeated. “But we’re so glad to have you back. You weren’t supposed to go.”

“What are you talking about? You helped me fill out the applications!”

“You weren’t supposed to go, Tilly. You were supposed to stay here. You weren’t supposed to die.”

Tilly’s heart raced.

“Dad, you’re not making any sense.” She said it slowly, calmly, with the concern of someone who was witnessing a loved one’s mental break.

“You weren’t supposed to die.” A new voice, coming from inside her room. She spun around. It was the little black girl from Columbus. She was sitting in the center of the room, playing with a stuffed bear. She looked up at Tilly and smiled. “Not yet, anyway.”

Tilly took a couple of steps back, held out her hands as if warding off a rabid animal.

“I don’t know what’s going on here. This isn’t how it went!”

“Come and see me, Tilly,” the little girl said, as mist filled the room and she faded away. “Come and see me!”


Now that you know a little more about my book, please VOTE on the title in the sidebar. Whichever one catches your interest. Comments are open, so if you don’t like any of them, feel free to say so! Thanks 🙂


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