A Valentine From A Dog


This post is in response to the weekly challenge.

My dearest Millie,

I’ve loved you from the very first time we met. You might not remember, as you were just a baby then, but I wanted to snuggle and kiss you immediately. I wasn’t allowed to, however, because Mom said I was too big and might hurt you. It broke my heart to be away from you those first few weeks. I stood at the door to your bedroom and cried. You were so beautiful! So soft and cuddly! So nice!


When you were able to play with me unsupervised, we were inseparable. Do you remember, Millie? How we would sit beside each other and watch birds and neighbors and squirrels out the window? How we fell asleep next to each other on the couch? How you shared your food with me? (That last bit may have been less something you wanted to do and more something I did without asking, but still. You didn’t complain.) We were so happy together.



But then you got older and pulled away from me. Now when I approach you, you hiss and growl and swat at me. You run from me, my dearest. I bow and try to kiss you, and you run. And if I chase you, it’s only because I think running is the most fun ever.

Now I watch squirrels out the window on my own. And I curl up in my bed, alone and so cold without you.

What have I done to offend you, my dearest Millie?

Oh, how I long for the days when we were best friends! Whatever it was that I did, I’ll make it up to you! Just give me the chance!

Until then I’ll watch you intently as you sit on the top of the dresser, out of my reach. I’ll watch you in the hopes that one day, you will come down and love me again.

Love always,



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